Silverlit Pico Z Tandem Z-1

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This is the silverlit Pico Z tandem z-1 helicopter it is a 3 channel infra-red remote control indoor helicopter with pocket sized transmitter and separate desktop charging station. 6 x AA size batteries required (not included).

This is an old model made by Silverlit Between 2000 and 2010, Silverlit were renowned for making small radio control models, which were way ahead of their time in both performance and value. Many of you will recall the famous Pico-Z which sold in millions.
We found a quantity of these aircrafts and helicopters which are still in their original packaging, intact and in mint condition. These models were powered by lithium batteries, which if discharged, can not be reinstated. So due to age, these models cannot function without replacing the battery.

The replacement of batteries however, requires a model to be cut open and therefore one would need modelling skills to get it working again. It is possible to use a small 30mAh single cell, which are available with the UM connector fitted to many RTF micro models.

Alternatively, each one of these models can be dismantled, making a good selection of spare parts. The parts consists of electric motors, props, gearing, an infrared Transmitter and Receiver which can be used for other applications.
The other option is the airframe or bodies of these models can be used with your micro radio equipment, as a unique RC project.

We also feel that some of these are novelty collectibles as they are in their original packaging. As well as marking a milestone in the RC Era.

Please Note: The internal lithium battery in this model is flat and cannot be recharged 

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