Lemon RX 7-Channel DSMX Compatible Receiver With Diversity & XT60 (LM0051 / P-00134)

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The LM0052 for those pilots who don't require altitude and vario information, LM0051 comes with energy meter (mAh, V, Curent), temperature, RSSI and just about every major telemetry parameter in one tiny package. LM0051 is the world smallest, true full-range telemetry system with build-in sensors along with diveristy receiver shrinked in the smallest possible package.
* Function and performance are identicial to LM0052 except with the absent of barometric sensor (altitude and vario information is not available on LM0051)
* True full-range diversity telemetry provides plane information in real-time as far as you can fly your plane with any DSMX or DSM2 compatible transmitter
* Energy metering system (mAh, V, Current) are included with the provided V/I sensing unit
* 2-stage failsafe best suited for gasoline / electric application (Selectable failsafe for pre-defined position as throttle only or all channel failafe in the event of signal absence)
* Diveristy extended antenna receiver with state-of-the-art RF circuit providing umatched performance of reception
* Real time RSSI output as analog voltage / displayed on transmitter A parameter
* Glider may use the inlcuded wiring for battery voltage sensing only if energy  metering system is not required for absolute weight reduction
* Optional diversity satellite maybe used to provide total of 4 receiving antennas
* Type: Lemon Rx DSMP (DSMX compatible) 7-Channel Full-Range Telemetry with diversity receiver (Energy Meter)
* Number of Channel: 7
* Modulation: DSMP (DSMX and DSM2 compatible)
* Band:2.4 GHz
* Dimension:L44 x W24 x H15mm
* Weight: 9.56g
* Voltage Range: 4.5 - 8.5V
Telemetry Included with this receiver
* Energy meter
* Receiver voltage
* Battery voltage
* mAh consumed
* Current
* Temperature (Internal automatically selected when the inlcuded external temperature probe is not used)
* RSSI out (3V to 0V) and displayed on transmitter

Step for setting failsafe
* Fail-safe activates when the receiver no longer receivers signal (Eg. Transmitter is off / signal loss). There are 3 possible setting which are:
- No signal output to servo
- Output predefined throttle signal only
- Output predefined signal for all channels
* Insert bind plug
* Provide power to the unit and bind the unit but do not remove bind plug
* Set your transmitter to the perferred position as failsafe default output and hold it to this position.
* press the button briefly will cause the green light to be in the following status. Press the button while maintain your perferred position of the channel:
- Green LED status - none: No pulse to servo with the absence of correct reception
- Green LED status - flashing: Throttle-only preset. Throttle position had been acquired as failsafe default output
- Green LED status - solid: All-channel preset. All channels' position had been acquired as failsafe default ouptut
* Remove bind plug
* Turn off the transmitter while power is still sup[plied to thereceiver. You can now observe the failsafe status when no transmitter signal is present to the receiver. Please ensure that you remove the propeller as it may spin up if you set throttle channel above 0% in the event of signal losses.
1) This is not a Spektrum DSMX or DSM2 product, nor is it a copy of a Spektrum DSM2 or DSMX product. The Spektrum, TM1000, AR9020, DSMX and DSM2 brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc.
2) This is not an underground black market fake Spektrum product. Lemon Rx quality is guaranteed.
3) Lemon Rx products are tested to be compatible with Spektrum's DSMX and or DSM2 product (Spketrum, DSMX and DSM2 are the registered trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc.).
4) The Hobby King, R1020X V2 brand are the trademark of Hextronik Limited.

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