Sky Power ESC Programme Card

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This Program Card allows you to change settings on Sky Power Electronic Speed Controls. This card is very easy to use. Simply attach the receiver plug of ESC to the card, then make your programming selections with a small jumpers and pin-sets on the card. Once you have the jumpers connected to the pins for the desired settings, connect battery to the ESC and the new programming choices are transferred to the ESC.

NOTE: When programming 80A and 100A OPTO electronic speed controls, you will need a separate UBEC or Receiver Battery Pack to provide power the program card. (do not exceed 5v)

Programming options:
* Motor brake: Comes pre-set with the brake on medium, so the propeller will gradually spin to a stop when the plane is gliding (transmitter throttle off). Can be set to medium or no brake using a transmitter. Can be set to hard brake, medium brake or no brake using the program card.

* Battery type: Comes pre-set for use with LiPo batteries. Can be set for LiFe or NiMh with a transmitter or program card.

* Low voltage protection: Comes pre-set for motor cut-off at 3.0 volts per cell (using LiPo batteries). Can be set for 2.8v per cell, 3.0v per cell, or 3.20v per cell with a program card. There are three voltage cut-off choices for both LiFe and NiMh batteries

* Type of motor cut-off: Comes pre-set for gradual motor shutdown. Can be set to sudden shut down using the program card.

* Acceleration: slow, medium or fast Comes pre-set for medium acceleration. Acceleration can be set to slow, medium or fast using the program card

* Motor timing: low, high or automatic timing Comes pre-set for automatic timing, which is suitable for most brushless motors. The timing can be set to high or automatic with a transmitter. The timing can be set to low, high or automatic with a program card.

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