GT Power PD606 1-6S 50W Paralell Balance Charger (Mains/DC)

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This is the new GT Power PD606 Paralell Balance charger ,It is a dual power (mains 100-240V and DC 10-18V) multifunctional paralell charger with built in balancing for LiPo or LiFe packs. It is a very simple charger for balance charging 1 to 6S LiPo or LiFe batteries fitted with a JST-XH balance connector. It is not suitable for other balance plug types unless an adaptor/conversion lead is used.

When charging 3 x 2S packs the charger will 'see' the packs as 6S. We recommend that you only 'parallel' charge packs of the same capacity and ensure that both are able to handle the selected charge rate. Because this connection is PARALLEL, all batteries should be at approximately the same state of discharge when connected to the charger. Due to the parallel arrangement, any small differences in cell voltage will be balanced after the batteries are connected.  

Paralell Board Charge Options:
* Option A = 6 x 1S (3.7V)
* Option B = 3 x 2S (7.4V)
* Option C = 2 x 3S (11.1V)
* Option D = 1 x 4S (14.8v) + 1 x 2S (7.4v)
* Option E = 1 x 5S (18.5v) + 1 x 1S (3.7v)
* Option F = 1 x 6S (22.2v)

* Simple to use
* Used for LiPo or LiFe packs (selectable under the non-charging condition)
* Auto cell count detect
* Auto charge and auto cut-off for safety
* Charger temperature protection function
* Can be used to check individual cell voltages prior to charging by setting the charge current to 0.0A within 1 minute of connection
* Charge rate can be set manually
* The interface switch can be used to display individual cell voltages, capacities (mAh) and charge rates
* Use it on mains power (100-240AC) or a car battery/PSU (10-18V DC)
* Blue backlit LCD screen (2 lines, 16 characters)

* Cell count: LiPo, LiFe: 1 - 6S (series)
* Input voltage: AC (mains) 100V~240V 50/60Hz
* Input voltage: DC 10-18V or AC to DC adaptor/PSU (AC110/240 to DC 18V/5A)
* Maximum charge power: 50W
* Maximum discharge power: n/a
* Charge current range: 0.1 - 6A in 0.1A steps
* Balance circuit: 1-6S

What's in the box:
* PD606 balance charger
* Paralell Charge Balance Board
* Paralell Charge Board Lead
* Mains input cable with UK plug
* DC input cable (fitted with crocodile clips)
* Instruction leaflet

IMPORTANT notes on charger selection:
* Always select a charger that meets your actual needs.
* Always ensure that the maximum charge power in watts (W) will be sufficient for your needs.
* To determine the potential maximum charge rate for your battery pack, simply divide the maximum charge power of the charger by the full-charge voltage of your battery pack.
* A 40W charger with a 3A charge current theoretically, can only deliver 3A at 13.3V.
* An 80W charger with a 6A charge current theoretically, can only deliver 6A at 13.33V
* Efficiency losses (usually 20 percent) in the charger or the input voltage to the charger may reduce the charge current further.
* Setting the charge current too high and outside the capabilities of the charger is very likely to result in the charger overheating and potentially failing.
Theoretical examples using a charger with a maximum charge power of 40W
40W / 8.4V (2S LiPo) = 4.76A - making a 3A charge possible
40W / 12.6V (3S LiPo) = 3.17A making a 3A charge possible
40W / 16.8V (4S LiPo) = 2.38A (max)


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