Multiplex Funjet Sports Jet Ready to Run Kit (RB403717)

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 Still popular with our customers as the perfect initiation to jet-type models; the Multiplex FunJet is an agile, easy-to-launch model which can take a wide variety of power systems. It is tailor-made for upgrading and is intended for intermediate fliers with aileron experience. The FunJet is controlled simply with throttle and mixed ailerons/elevator (delta configuration/elevons). Aerobatics such as rolls, inverted flight, loops etc. are well within its capabilities. Fast, low passes in formation with 3, 4, 5 or even more models look simply terrific - and the sound is marvellous! Chop the throttle and be ready for a surprise - the FunJet glides in wonderfully slowly under full control to a gentle landing.

*Very robust ELAPOR construction
* Removable canopy for easy battery swap
* Compact layout for ease of transport
* Screw-fitting motor installation, infinitely variable motor thrustline
* Typical jet-like flying characteristics
* Easy to hand launch, easy to land
* Smooth handling at low and high speeds
* Requires assembly (minimal building time)

* Wingspan: 795mm/31.5in
* Length: 730mm/28.75 in.
* Weight: approx. 550g / 1.37lb
* RC Functions: Elevons (Delta mix), throttle
* Colour: Unpainted white with decal sheet (included)
* Recommended battery: 2100 - 3200mAh 3S (11.1V) LiPo
* Target flier: Intermediate to Advanced

Kit Contents:
* Pre-assembled Model (Wings, Fins & Decals must be attached)
* 2 Multiplex Nano-S  Servos Installed
* Installed Himax HA2825-2700 Brushless Motor
* installed MULTI-Cont BL-37 Speed Control
* Color Decal Set

* Radio system: min 4Ch TX (with delta mix) and RX
* Battery: 2100 - 3200mAh 3S (11.1V)
* Glue: We recommend Multiplex Zacki - developed specifically for Elapor - or cyano & cyano activator (kicker) or alternatively UHU-por. If you use Zacki, you will not need kicker or activator. It is not possible to use white glue or epoxy.

Want to dazzle your mates? We stock a full range of RC Styro Elapor compatible paints (including fluorescents) to enable you to customise this (unpainted) white model and uniquely identify your plane amongst all the others buzzing around. A thin application of Elapor Primer will provide a good key for your spray job. Simply wipe the bare foam with a small amount of primer on a sponge or soft cloth. We found that a base coat of white, will enhance the final colour coat.


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