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Now in Stock - The Flycam Switch and external power supply can add you enjoyment and use of your camera.

Version C - With On/off switch controlled by Tx Power is supplied from the Camera internal battery . The version with power from supply from RX is stock reference 425220

The FCO2 I/F by is a tiny lightweight device (approx 4g) using a programmable microcontroller. Designed and made in the UK, by Curve. The FCO2 I/F connects to a spare channel on your Rx (or an existing channel using a Y-lead) and allows you to control the Flycamone V2 shutter from a spare switch or slider on your Tx. In this way, you can take multiple video recordings or still photos during a single flight. The FCO2 I/F connects directly to the 4-pin connector in the Flycamone V2 mount, eliminating the need for any additional connectors or adaptors. In this way an extremely neat and compact remote shutter solution can be achieved.

The FCO2 I/F includes RED and GREEN leds to give visual feedback of RECORD and READY modes. In addition, 3 different versions of the CurveRC FCO2 I/F are available which allow external power at 5V DC to be supplied to the Flycamone V2, either from a separate battery pack/BEC or from the on-board 5V BEC supply within the ESC (for an electric model). In this way, the operating time of the Flycamone V2 can be extended.

How it works

The FCO2 I/F miniature interface enables remote shutter control of the Flycamone V2 video camera using a spare channel on your Tx. The interface connects directly to the Flycamone V2 'hot shoe' mount and works by connecting pin 1 ('signal') to pin 3 ('ground') of the hot shoe mount, as expected by the Flycamone V2.

When power is first connected, the CurveRC FCO2 I/F will do a short self-test and flash the RED led. It will then check for a valid Tx signal on the spare Rx channel output. Assuming a valid signal is detected, and the Tx switch/slider is in the correct (Centre or OFF) position, the CurveRC FCO2 I/F will calibrate to this signal and the GREEN led will turn on indicating that the CurveRC FCO2 I/F is in 'Ready' mode.

The Flycamone V2 is then turned on in the usual manner, and the Flycamone V2 MODE switch used to select the appropriate recording mode, eg VR, VL, PR etc. You are now ready to fly, and the CurveRC FCO2 I/F will take care of turning on and off the shutter via the Tx. The CurveRC FCO2 I/F LED indicates the shutter status: GREEN (Ready) -- RED (Record).

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