Blue Arrow Cupid 610 Ultralight Indoor Model

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This ultra light model is supplied virtually ready to fly straight out of the box. The ready-built factory covered airframe simply 'clicks' together. All the ancillary equipment is pre-installed including the geared, brushed motor, speed controller, two servos and micro 35mHz receiver.

Aimed primarily at indoor fliers - including beginners - this beautiful 3-channel, 95g ultralight can also be flown in your garden or park on a windless day. It has excellent slow flight characteristics resulting in stress free flying. This model exudes pure casual style, easy control and a truly beautiful flying attitude.

Simply give it a gentle push under power and it will fly smoothly from your hands. It will glide without power and you can even walk behind it as it flies.

Easily upgraded to 2.4GHz operation, the servos and ESC on this model are fitted with a JST-ZHR plug with a 1.5mm pitch with positive-negative-signal orientation as used on the Spektrum Nanolight DSM2 AR6300 and DSMX AR6310 receivers.

* Virtually ready-to-fly out of the box
* Ultra light weight
* Throttle, elevator and rudder control
* Composite plastic/carbon fibre wing structure
* Carbon fibre fuselage
* Aluminium fuselage boom
* Light weight PET film covering
* Experience level: Beginner
* Very quick assembly - about 5 mins

* Wingspan: 725mm / 28.54in    
* Length: 625mm / 24.6in
* Flying Weight: 95g / 3.35oz
* RC Functions: ele, rud, thro
What's in the box:
* Ready built pre-covered airframe - two piece wing, all-moving tailplane/elevator, fin/rudder
* Carbon undercarriage with ultra light weight wheels
* Geared (reduction ratio 1:5) brushed motor with prop saver (installed)
* Blue Arrow ESC fitted with a Molex PicoBlade 3-way socket - 1.25mm pitch (installed)
* Slow-fly prop 7 x 6
* Blue Arrow  micro servos x 2 (installed)
* Blue Arrow 35mHz 4-channel receiver

Required to complete:
* 3-channel 35mHz transmitter
* Half-size 35mHz receiver crystal
* Flight battery LiPo 2S 200mAh - 500mAh



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