Infrared Digital Thermometer 408038

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Infrared Digital Thermometer 408038

 This infrared thermometer is an extremely useful aid to modellers. It employs an infrared sensor to measure the surface temperature of any material or component such as your motor/engine, speed controller, battery etc. from a safe distance.

For example, you could enlist the help of a friend or colleague to monitor the temperature of a helicopter motor or esc while hovering, or  measure the temperature of an EDF unit from the rear of the outlet duct to determine whether it is running within specification or overheating.

Used in conjunction with a power/watt meter, you can check that the current draw of the power train is within limits and at the same time check that the components are not overheating under full load. It is a non-contact thermometer which provides for safe - from a distance - operation. The laser point beam makes targetting very precise also enabling you to detect hot spots.

* One-handed design for simple and convenient operation
* LED back light design for operation under poor illumination
* Laser pointer for accurate target aiming
* Low accuracy drop vs distance
* Hold feature, press-release button, to test and read later
* Continuous Scan – find hot spots
* Convenient pocket-sized
* Uses 2 x AAA batteries 



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