AX700 35 - 36mhz Digital Frequency Scanner

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MKS AX700 35-36mhz Frequency Scanner.
The MKSA700 Scans your frequency before you you fly and allows you to easily monitor the frequency before you fly. This device could potentially save you thousands in models being shot down.

This frequency scanner displays a scanned graph across the 35Mhz band showing any frequencies that are in use, or spikes of interference. It is capable of checking 35Mhz channels 61-80 and also 36Mhz 1-29.

The centre scanning channel/frequency can be selected by using the buttons to display your chosen frequency in the middle of the display. The scanner will emit a warning beep when there is any interference or if the channel is in use by others.

Included with the scanner unit is a removable plug in aerial to ensure good signal reception & an extra spare battery (the unit comes with a battery preinstalled as well).

This unit is ideal for checking for interference that may be coming from sources other than transmitters. Unlike many other scanners that only check for individual channels/frequencies & display a lit LED, you can see any 'noise' that is being generated from buildings or possibly other rc equipment in your setup.

* Ease to use, portable for critical measurements anywhere and
* Large LCD Display (128x64)
* Able to Select frequency range, Channel, resolution, level, attenuation
* Low power warning signal
* Speaker can be set to on or off
* Interference warning signal
* Auto switch off electric saving device
* Suitable for all transmitted frequency in 35MHz & 36MHz
* World's smallest frequency spectrum scanner

* Size: 78 x 47 x 11.5 mm
* Weight: 37.5 g
* Frequency AX700-3536 (35 & 36)MHz
* Sensitivity: -102 dB
* Voltage: 2.2 ~ 3.3
* Low current consumption 8 mA
* Operating Temp. Range- 5 ~ 40 °C
* Battery type Li-Polymer (included)
* Antenna:35 MHz


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