Kyosho Minium AD Profile Extra 330SC 2.4GHz Combo Set

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This is the complete kit. Complete with transmitter, battery, charger etc. Also available without the charger, transmitter and battery.

Requires assembly. Very quick and easy, especially if you have shock flyer experience.


Torque roll capability! Enjoy the exciting maneuverability of a profile airplane.
New 4-channel micro-sized high-performance acrobatic airplane.

The same 4-channel control of aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle featured in large airplanes is compacted into the ultra small MINIUM AD series. Now a new level of acrobatic performance is available with the PROFILE EXTRA 330SC! The profile airplane specifications realize an ultra lightweight finish and excellent aerodynamics in a slightly larger size than previous MINIUM AD models. You can also enjoy the airplane's acrobatic flight outdoors, even in a light breeze. Torque rolls are regarded as a difficult challenge for ultra-small airplanes, but the PROFILE EXTRA 330SC executes these with confidence. The PIP kit includes 3-servos with built-in receiver unit but allows you to use your existing transmitter or the new KT-20 TF1 2.4GHz full throttle stick transmitter without return spring which produces flight control remarkably similar to GP airplanes. Only a short time is needed to complete the assembly which basically involves fixing sections together with special polystyrene glue (sold separately) and linkage setup. As with all MINIUM AD series models, the R/C system automatically scans a 75-wave spectrum for open frequencies when it is switched on to provide a stable control system safe from radio interference that also allows up to 24 airplanes to flown at the same time. The result is real acrobatic flight from a micro airplane for a flying experience like no other!


  • 4-channel specifications deliver the same control and performance as large airplanes.
  • The acrobatic superstar EXTRA 330XS flies again in profile airplane style.
  • Complete with color scheme. Simply set the battery and charge to complete pre-flight prep.
  • Automatically scans for open frequencies across a 75-wave spectrum on the 2.4GHz band. Up to 24 aircraft can be flown at the same time.
  • This PIP kit features a lightweight one-piece control unit incorporating receiver, motor control amp, and three ultra light servos weighing just 1.5g.
  • Equipped with 8mm motor and gear reduction unit as standard.
  • Includes D120 x P70mm propeller that delivers optimal thrust for acrobatic flight performance.
  • Achieves flight times of about 4 - 5 minutes. (Flight time may vary depending on conditions).
  • Fuselage color scheme is complete. Finish the simple assembly and set the linkages for the final touches to this ultra lightweight airplane that weighs only about 30g.
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